2012 _ 2017


Online furniture and home decor store.

About Mobly

Established in 2011, Mobly is one of the biggest online furniture stores in Brazil. Part of Rocket Internet GmbH startup portfolio, the company was born as a 100% digital store and brought disruption to the brazilian market by changing the way people decorate their homes and buy furniture.

My role

First as Art Director (2012 - 2014) and then as UX Designer (2014 - 2017) I led all projects related to the website, mobile apps (Android and iOS) and Design System development. Alongside project managers, developers, marketing and branding departments my main tasks were to analyse and prioritize user feedbacks and business needs to deliver new features to the customers.

I participated from the beginning to the end of all interface design projects, running ideation workshops, data analysis, planning deliveries and execution. The UX Design team was part of the Marketing department, so the decision making process was always based on sales KPIs. By the time I worked at Mobly I was the only UX Designer in the company.

Design process

Mobly has a data driven approach and most of the product iterations or new projects were based on interaction data analysis, continuous user research with online forms, social media and app stores comments, benchmarking and business goals.

All the gathered information was used on ideation workshops and as a guide to understand what would be the MVP. Later in the process the solutions were developed and took to A/B testing.

Design Process

Main projects

Mobly's main challenges were related to reducing friction on the sales funnel, especially on how people choose which product to buy. Decoration products have sensory characteristics that couldn't be explored in the digital environment. Besides that, it took great effort to solve problems in scale, considering the fast and huge growth the company achieved.

Design system

A wide range of categories, a great amount of products and a lot of complex features demand a scalable and organized workflow. The brand agency Ana Couto alongside Mobly's team were responsible for the brand redesign in 2016, while I was responsible for taking the brand assets and bringing them into an Interface Design System.

Design System

I collaborated on the creation of the first Style Guide which was transformed into a Design System when we started to build components and use it as a communication tool with the Development team.

iOS and Android apps with AR product placement

In order to become a reference on the home decor market, Mobly launched the app with two core features: product placement with Augmented Reality and decorated rooms with Mobly's products. Both tools were used to reduce friction on understanding the products and engage users on the app.


I was responsible to guide the third-party development team in Interface Design, AR usability, 3D models quality assurance and third-party decorated rooms image production management.

Product information

A frequent comment we used to receive was about the lack of product information. By exploring the problem, we concluded that it was not only the lack of information but how the information was shown and the way it was written. Technical terms to describe products - like the density of a foam mattress - were the kind of thing that pushed potential clients away from really understanding the products characteristics. We also saw an opportunity to categorize and show the information in a more findable way on the product detail section.

Product detail
Order tracking

In this project we faced a problem that was brought up by the financial and customer services teams. By analysing why people were calling the company to complain or ask for orders status, it was concluded that a significant amount of callings were about orders within the delivery time.

With the help of the CRM and logistic team, we mapped the path that the product would take until it was delivered and all the communication that was sent to clients during the delivery process.

Order tracking

By adding intermediary status, like what was happening inside the warehouse, date and time of updates and progress bars, we noticed significant reduction on the phone callings to the customer service centres, therefore, reducing costs to the company. We provided the order tracking at the user's account area and e-mails.

UI Design

Most of my time in the company was spent on executing high fidelity deliverables. During the 5 years I worked at Mobly, I designed almost every page of the online store at least once. Here's some of what I made.

Home Page
Product catalog

Final thoughts

Mobly was my first job experience in a startup and its fast paced environment taught me a lot. Four years after I have left the company, I still mention the solutions I created with the team and still feel guided by what I learned during the time I worked there. That was only possible because the people I met and had the privilege to work with. We faced great problems, discovered great solutions and I feel happy to see the path the company is taking nowadays.