Interface Design, UX Design

Mobly is one of the biggest online furniture stores in Brazil. It was founded in 2011 and had a huge growth in a short period of time.

For 5 years (2012-2017) I worked as an Art Director and UX/UI Designer. During this time I worked on many projects like the creation of the brand Design System - from its visual aspects to the way the Design and the Development teams communicate - and leading ideation processes to create and implement new features and experience enhancements on the web site and mobile app. I also contributed with the creation of sales campaigns and communication strategy, having actively participated on the re-brand project, planning the touch points interactions between the brand and customers and many other projects.

Main activities
  • Interface Design
  • Design Systems creation
  • User feedbacks analysis
  • User flows and journeys for new features and interactions
  • Project development for business metrics enhancements
  • Project management assistance
Market segments
  • E-commerce
  • Start-up
  • Furniture and Decor

Design System

Mobly is a huge online store, with a wide range of categories, a great amount of products and a lot of complex features. This demands a scalable and organized work flow. The brand agency Ana Couto, along side Mobly team were responsible for the brand redesign and strategy, while I was responsible for taking the brand assets and bring into a Interface Design System. The goals were to improve the communication between the Design and Technology teams, deliver a better quality product to customers, with a more consistent visual experience, develop projects faster and help the business growth.

Interface Design

The main challenge to design the pages and navigation systems was the amount of information we had to handle. The variations a page could have were many and to find the best version, that would serve both customers and business goals, was a task that we would put a daily effort. The Interface Design was based on a lot of A/B testing, users feedbacks, business metrics and UX best practices. By looking to numbers and users reviews, we had a good notion of what decisions were good or not.